"Heartlink" was formed at Ealing Hospital in 1994 by Professor Kooner and plays an important part in the recovery of those unfortunate enough to have needed treatment for heart problems.

Meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month (except April and December) in the Post-Graduate Lecture Room on Level 3 at Ealing Hospital starting at 7:15pm and finishing by 9pm.

All meetings are open to any heart patient, and spouse, partner, family member or friend.  There is no charge for the meeting and no booking required.

Speakers are normally from hospital staff, giving talks on subjects of concern to heart patients.

The committee can be reached on 07518 569380

  • Trevor DavisonChairman

  • Mohinder KalsiVice Chairman

  • Lolin JonesSecretary

  • Les DobleTreasurer

  • Bachitar DioceeHelp Desk Coordinator

  • Ajit Saib Help Desk Volunteer

  • Eric TaitBooking Coordinator

  • Tony HussainSocial Media